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  • Bell Curves offers the most comprehensive test preparation programs, designed for you by nationally recognized experts with over two decades of experience. Whether tutoring or a classroom course, our programs maximize your score!

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  • Let our amazing instructors and tutors help you navigate the increasingly competitive college admissions process. We'll help you design a prep timeline, choose the right tests to take, and maximize your score!

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  • Access to top colleges begins with entry into top high schools. Bell Curves test preparation experts can help you prepare for everything from statewide tests to boarding school entry exams.

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Why Bell Curves?



Our teachers are not only great test-takers, they are also dynamic educators who have extensive training and the support of a full-time research and development team.


Our materials are designed to meet the needs of our students by remaining up-to-date with test changes and technology.


All of our programs provide lifetime support via free weekly Q&A sessions, email and chat support, and online practice resources.

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    "We mapped out fun scenarios that made me look at the test like it was a friend, not just a dry exam." Eric Weinberg


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